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Introducing the Bloomington Banshees!

posted Mar 10, 2014, 7:54 PM by Allan Streib   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 7:55 PM ]
The newly-formed Bloomington girls hockey program finished up its season with a skills competition on the snowy Sunday of the Drop the Puck event. Many of the girls have only been playing hockey for a couple of months, so their stats on shoot-out goals, agility course time, and skating speed were certainly impressive. Even MORE impressive was the volume with which they yelled out their new team name at the end of the session. It was QUITE a cheer, and I'm pretty sure that everyone living within at least a 5-block radius of the arena now knows who the BLOOMINGTON BANSHEES are! We may be smiley (as you can see), but we're a tenacious bunch!

The Bloomington Banshees

If you're wondering what the girls program is all about, here's the scoop: the team began in January, and drop-in practices have run every Monday evening (with the cubs team), with the occasional Saturday morning ice time thrown in for the full ice experience. We've had a fantastic turnout, with 20+ players on the ice most days, and a great mix of brand new and more experienced participants. Ages range from 5 to 16, and we've been focusing on basic skill development and fun games. Kudos go out to our awesome assistant coaches (Ashley, Caty, Rebecca, Amy, Lexi, Mike, Matt & Sean) for keeping our practices running smoothly, and to the Blades organization for helping out with equipment needs.

Plans are in the works for a more "official" and permanent team in the fall, so stay tuned for more updates. If you'd like stay in the loop with Bloomington Banshees news, simply send your contact info to halove@indiana.edu and I'll add you to our email list.

For now, happy spring, happy summer, and happy street hockey to you all!

Until next fall,
Coach Heather Love