New to hockey?

Why hockey?

Have a kid who's interested in playing, but you're nervous that they’ll be too far behind? We can help. Kids catch up quickly as long as they get an opportunity to play in a fun, patient, supportive environment. Our high-level coaches and fun practice environment can help novice hockey players learn how to skate and stickhandle in no time.

We offer a travel program for boys and girls ages 7-14, provide expert coaching for Bloomington's house-hockey local-play program, and partner with Bloomington's high-school hockey program. Along the way, they'll learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance, and they'll make great friends.

USA Hockey's Developmental Model

The BBYHA wants kids to develop a lifelong love of hockey. We use the USA Hockey's "American Developmental Model" (ADM) as a guide for our age-appropriate coaching and competition, to help ensure that our players can become good sports and have fun on and off the ice.

How do i get more information?

We're here to answer any questions and help you find the right kind of hockey for your kid and your family. Email our coaching coordinator, the Director of Hockey Operations, at and we'll have your kid on the ice in no time.

Need equipment?

Players are required to wear protective equipment (from head to toe):

  • *an approved helmet with a full cage
  • mouth guard
  • *shoulder pads
  • *elbow pads
  • *hockey gloves
  • athletic cup (boys) or pelvic protector (girls)
  • *breezers/hockey pants
  • *skates
  • *shin guards

Players also need a stick, and hockey tape is used to tape the stick so that the player can control the puck better.

Equipment with a * can be rented through Bloomington Blades Youth Hockey Association by contacting our equipment manager.

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