BBYHA Travel Team

The BBYHA encourages a lifelong love of hockey through age-appropriate practice and competition.

8U Hockey

U8 hockey emphasizes the FUNdamentals: fun and participation in half-ice games (from the goalie crease to the center red line). The small-area game gives players a chance to develop good skating fundamentals, puck control, and teamwork.

10U Hockey

Athletes at this stage are learning to train. A focus on accelerated learning of coordination and fine motor control in training helps players transition the hockey skills they learn in practice to the game environment. Coaches focus on team-building with a skills emphasis on refining basic skating and puck control.

12U Hockey

We emphasize effective team building, and the social interaction that supports it, in order to develop a range of individual and group tactics. Coaches balance a focus on team-building with individual strength, speed, and flexibility.

14U Hockey

Athletes at this stage continue to integrate individual and group tactics as they move into a more competitive environment; this may mean a narrower focus on hockey-specific training outside the rink. Coaches balance team-building with individual strength, speed and flexibility.


A year on the ice

We'll play with the Buckeye Travel Hockey League, including their end-of-season tournament. We'll also participate in the Indiana State Youth Hockey Association end-of-season tournament in February.

  • - Mid-August: 10U/12U/14U practice begins in Columbus, IN
  • - Early September: Buckeye seeding tournament
  • - Mid-October: 8U/10U/12U/14U BBYHA practice begins in Bloomington, IN, along with House Hockey for 8U/10U/12U
  • - Late December: Winter Break
  • - Late February: next-season tryouts
  • - March: End-of-season banquet & board elections
  • - April-May: next-season registration and uniform orders

The number of travel games per year varies, depending on age group. 10U/12U/14U players generally play 20 scheduled games (10 at home) and 2 travel tournaments in addition to the ISHA tournament and the Buckeye tournament (both of which usually take place in February or early March).

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